How to select pots for indoor plants? An ultimate guide

How to select pots for indoor plants? An ultimate guide

Choosing the right pot for your beautiful house or indoor plants is just like choosing the right dress for the party. You may have beautiful plants but their beauty can accentuate only when you choose the right pot for the right plant.

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Why should we worry about choosing pot?

If we look at pot selection from the perspective of House or indoor plants then we find that pots are containers in which your plants are kept and grow. So it is very important that your plant’s plant has all those qualities in which plants can easily adjust themselves and grow properly.

From your perspective, in addition to the above characteristics, pots should be good in looking, match the interior of the house, matches with the design of the plant, and most importantly cheap, easy to available, and strong.

How to select a plant pot for houseplants or indoor plants?

Finally if get the idea that it is very important to choose the right pot for different plants, which might change with the situations.

Your next question might be how to choose?

Don’t worry! here I have gave a proper guide on that.

Choosing the right material for the pot

The material of a pot is a very important component for house or indoor plants. So it is very important that your pot has made up of good material.

Although currently, ceramic pots are very much in trend.

But there are many other options as well. Such as Terracotta (clay) pot, plastic pot, metal, basketry, treated or rot-resistant wood, glazed pottery, Glass

All materials have their own pros and cons. I have listed a few here so that you can take an informed decision

Ceramic pots


  • Retain water for a longer time
  • Heavy enough to support big plants
  • Good looking and can be purchased in many colors


  • Expensive, not everyone can afford
  • Large size pots are not easy to move

Plastic pots


  • Easy to move from one place to another
  • easy to available
  • light in weight
  • Cheap and available in many colors and design


Colour become fade when place in sunlight for longer time

Terracotta or clay pots


  • Easy to available
  • Cheaper than ceramic pots
  • Usually found in natural color (Brown) which looks better with plants
  • Have pores that cool the temperature of the soil
  • Indicator of humidity present in the air


  • Brittle and easily break if falls
  • short life than ceramic and plastic pots
  • Expensive than plastic pots
  • White rust grow on pot if remain wet for a longer time

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Right size Matters

If the size is too small according to plant requirements then it can hamper the growth of the plant
If the size is too large then disease can infect plant roots

How to replace pot during repotting?

First of all, I would suggest you, avoid frequent repotting.

But if repotting is required then you should do these two things regarding size.

  1. If you pot has a diameter of around 5-6, you can change the size by 1-2 inch at a time
  2. If your pot has a diameter of around 9-10 inches then increase the size (diameter) by 2-3 inches at a time.

Having a good drainage facility

Drainage is the key to success. Good drainage consists of drainage holes and proper soil is the key.
This is because a pot without drainage can invite many diseases and infect the roots of plants.
Similarly, if you plant your green baby plant in soil which holds water for a longer time, then it will equally, affect the plant.

Thus, Pot must be have a drainage hole will right quality of soil.

Selecting colour of pots

Colour of pots are very important component. This is because if you choose pot with dark colour then it can absorb more heat. more heat in not good for our plants.

However clay pots has natural ability to moderate temperature of soil du to its porous nature of surface.

Colour are really matter when you choose plastic pots, coloured clay pots, class pots and other materials.

Colour that matches interiors

If we are considering House plants for home décor then colour are really matters for use. For this we should go with contrasting colours like

Light coloured pot for dark coloured wall, table or floor

Dark coloured pots for light interiors. this looks awesome and really makes a statement.

Pot that matches visuals of your plant

In addition of above requirements, you should choose that pot which really matches your plant’s visual characters.

Your pot must highlight colour and size of foliage. This is also one of most important component of Home Décor

So, this is the whole process of selecting pots for houseplants or indoor plants. I hope this guide will make your house beautiful and attractive.

Thank you! and Stay healthy and safe…

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