How to make compost for indoor plants?

How to make compost for indoor plants?

What is compost?

Compost is a mixture of many ingredients. These ingredients can be domestic waste like vegetable scraps, fruit waste, plant remains, cow dung, and anything which can be degraded by microorganisms and are eco-friendly.

What are indoor plants?

All those plants are adapted in low light conditions and can be grown within the house or any other residential premises.

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These plants are used for many purposes. But in the case of indoor planting, they are used for aesthetic values and increase the beauty of our house.

In the last few years, indoor plants are trending. Their demand is increasing, especially in middle and high-income countries.

The United States is not an exception.

Why indoor plants need compost?

Compost is very useful for plants. For centuries compost is using for fulfilling these few goals

  1. Increasing fertility of the soil. It has nitrogen content, phosphorus, and many other macro and micronutrients.
  2. Increase the microorganisms density/number in soil
  3. Increase the humus content in the soil
  4. Increasing water holding capacity of soil
  5. Make soil more porous and hence help in the aeration of the soil.

How to make compost for indoor plants?

Step 1:- Take a Container

Take a container of any material. It can be of earthen pot, metal pot, or plastic pot. However, few shops and online stores also provide Compost bin. So you can purchase from there also.

If you wanted to use a self-made compost bin then follow these steps.

Take a container of any material. Do some holes around all walls of the container by using any sharp-headed tool or electronic drill machine.

These holes are very important for many reasons. such as

  • Increase the level of oxygen in the container. Oxygen is very important for not only humans and big animals. Microorganisms also need oxygen for Aerobic respiration ( a process in which organism use oxygen for making energy) for decomposing the waste
  • Moderate the temperature
  • Release excess methane gas from container to atmosphere

Step 2 :- Adding potting soil

Add some potting soil at the bottom. potting soil provides a natural medium for microorganisms. Spread the soil gently.

Step 3 :- Adding Domestic waste

Add domestic scrape after cutting them into small pieces. Small pieces are easy to degrade and decompose into manure more frequently.

Stem 4 :-

Add some old newspaper pieces and mix them. Newspapers can be an important source of carbon. it will maintain the proper carbon-nutrient balance.

Step 5 :- The moment of truth

Leave your mixer for one week.

After a week mix the degraded domestic waste by using any tool. Add some handful of potting soil and again add domestic waste. 

After 3-4 weeks later you can use that compost

How to identify that compost is ready to use?

when your compost shows these few characters then you can use it.

  • Dark in colour
  • crumble easily
  • You cant able to pick all those ingredients which you have used.

How and when should you give compost to indoor plants?

There is no any hard and fast rule for it. You can use organic compost once in month. But there are few things you should keep in mind.

  • Plants do not grow much in i winter season. so, you can avoid it for a while and increase time to once in two months
  • But in the Spring season, they grow fast and you should compost the whole potting soil at least once
  • When plants are in the growing stage, use this compost at least once in two weeks

Can multi-purpose compost be used for indoor plants?


You can use it for indoor plants. There is no issue in that.

Finally at the end i would like suggest you that if you are child then activities like drilling holes must do in front of your elders.

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