A brief guide for selecting Indoor or Houseplants DIY

A brief guide for selecting Indoor or Houseplants DIY

Plants are a very important part of our life. They are our green friends. similar is true for indoor or houseplants

Gardening and planting are existing for centuries. If we explore our history, we would witness that almost every king and even laymen grow plants in their backyard and also indoors.

Here we will restrict our self to indoor plants or house plants.

What are indoor plants or house plants?

A houseplant or Indoor plant to be specific… is a plant that is grown indoors in places such as residences and offices, namely for decorative purposes, but studies have also shown them to have positive psychological effects.

Why people opt for indoor or houseplants planting?

Most of the people select indoor or houseplants because of these following reasons.

Aesthetic values of plants

Plants play a very important role in your living space and workspace decoration. They beautify our surroundings and workspaces. They also reduce stress, as living things are far better friends than non-living. Indoor plants provide endless opportunities for interaction with nature. In fact, flowering plants can add more charm and colors to your life.

Easy to care

Indoor plants are easy to care for. You don’t need to pay more attention to them, but little care. You also don’t need Ph.D. in skilling in caring for and growing indoor plants. Even an uneducated can do it very easily.

Environmental factors

many indoor plants purify the air. Thus, they provide free green service. They also reduce sound pollution and create a vibrant living space.

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How to choose the right indoor plants?

Choosing the right indoor plant is as important as the right furniture for different rooms. This is because of the following reasons.

  1. Some indoor plants can live in very less sunlight while others need more sunlight.
  2. Few plants have spines on their body. So you can’t place them in those places where children can easily reach.

Which qualities are we need to search before selecting a good indoor plants?

A good indoor plants collection must have following qualities.

Adapted to low light

A right indoor or houseplant can live in low sunlight. But you should still place them were at least a little sunlight 🌞 approach easily.

Good and strong root system:-

we can identify a good root system by reading online about that plant and also by seeing the root system of that plant when it was small.

Having good foliage (leaves):-

Plants having more leaves looks more beautiful. Thus a plant having large leaves can be the right choice.

Easily available:-

Those plants which are easily available are good for indoor. Because usually, I have witnessed that those plants which are locally available are already adapted to the local climate. Due to this reason, they live for a longer period.

How to start growing plants indoors?

Growing indoor or houseplants is very simple. You don’t need to do a Ph.D. on it. You just need to follow these few steps.

Preparing soil

You can use potting mix

What is the best potting mix for indoor plants? 

Although you can add anything that is organic and degraded like compost. But ideally, a mixer of peat moss, vermicompost, and perlite can be considered as a good potting mix for indoor plants.

Buying Seeds

Seeds are required when you want to start from the beginning.

However, you can purchase plants at the growing stage from a local nursery, and Star you taking care of them.

If you want to start from fresh, you need to buy Seeds from trusted sources.

Sowing seeds

after purchasing seeds, the next step is to sow them in soil. If possible then do not sow seeds in garden soil because usually it is not well-drained and has low water holding capacity.  Make your own soil.

Make sure your pot has a drainage hole at the bottom. 

Right way to sow seeds

Place your seed at the proper depth. Ideally, you should place it at least 2-3 times Deep than the size of the seed itself

Right location for your seedlings

Now place your pot in an area having a moderate temperature. If you have a garden or have few plants then place this pot near them. Because temperature near plants remains moderate. This is the beauty of plants

If seedlings come out then you can change the location and place it near a window where proper sunlight present.

Selecting the right seedling

If you have sow more than one seed and all seedlings have emerged then choose Healthy seedlings and remove others. 


After one or two weeks later you can start fertilizing them. Please you organic fertilizer like compost.

How long an indoor plant can live?

An indoor plant can have a life span ranging from 6 months to 5 yrs. The life of a plant depends on the variety. Any seasonal variety lives for a short span of time. While some plants can live up to 5 yrs. After 5yr years we have witnessed that plants stop growing. In this case either shift that plant into a big pot or invest in a new plant. 

I hope this information will be useful for creating a your vibrant, green and eco-friendly living space.

Thank you!