8 Best and Easy to Grow house plants that keep mosquitoes and bugs away from your house

8 Best and Easy to Grow house plants that keep mosquitoes and bugs away from your house

I’m pretty sure about the fact that mosquito sound is annoying for everyone. Everyone hates this insect. This is very common to all, especially when you are living in tropical and subtropical climate regions

These insects are very common in these areas.

Nearly 700 million people contract mosquito-borne illnesses each year, causing more than one million deaths.

Malaria and dengue are very common diseases, affecting most people every year.

Many scientific studies have found that most mosquito species are adapting the traditional chemical repellents. 

It means that ordinary mosquito repellents are not working on these mosquitoes. 

This is a cause of concern. Because every year lakhs of people lose their life just because of no proper solution. 

Plus synthetic mosquito repellents are harming the environment. Traditional brands are becoming one of the common reasons for indoor pollution. 

Hence, these are dangerous for all of us. 

But, here I have been provided an eco-friendly solution for this.

It’s easy and natural.

Traditional communities and in fact modern armies have been using these plants.

These 8 best and easy-to-grow mosquito repellent indoor plants can help you a lot. Plus they are eco-friendly and help you keep the greenery in your home.


Garlic has a very distinct smell. This smell will keep mosquitos away from your doors. Because insects including mosquitoes don’t like smell. 

This plant is also very easy to grow. You just need a small pot and a few garlic pieces and little care.

Garlic can be easily available in your home. You can use garlic from your kitchen. There is no problem with that.

Plus when these garlic plants grow enough you can reap the fruit and use them in your great recipes.


Like garlic, peppermint is also one of those Plants which have a very distinct Smell. 

You can buy this plant from you nearby nursery. 

Historically, peppermint has been using for mosquito repellent, and body pain reliever. When you mess with some leaves and rub them on your skin, you will feel cool. 

This is its natural property. Hence, this plant is a good contender for you home.


Growing lavender is a very useful thing. Its can be treated as a multi-purpose plant

Its significant smell is appealing to humans. Its fragrance can make you feel fresh every day. 

But as we all know the fact that what is good for humans is not always for others animals. Insects hate this Smell. Thus, lavender is very useful for you indoors.

You can buy this plant from a nearby nursery or any online service.

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Many of you have seen that people who are in organic farming, grow marigolds near vegetables. Actually, they do this for some good reason.

Marigolds repel most of the insects and also attract remaining insects toward itself. 

This property of marigolds is becoming very useful for farmers. Plus in the last farmers sell these flowers in markets and generate extra income.

However, you don’t need to think about profit and all. I’m just telling you about true facts, to make you aware of this plant.

Plus this plant is very easy to care for and available in any nursery

Thus, the marigold plant is one of the best mosquito repellent plants.

Lemon Balm

Lemon is very common in our home. But, have you ever thought about its mosquito repellent properties?


Don’t worry, I’ll let you know in the next few seconds.

The lemon balm smells a lot. And as I already told you, insects don’t like smell. This smell keeps them away from the source. If the smell comes from you, then mosquitoes remain away from you as well. 


Like lemon plants, citronella is also a good mosquito repellent. Citronella has a very distinct Smell.

 This Smell keeps insects including mosquitoes away from you indoors.

Plus citronella is a broad leaf plant, which looks awesome in your house. 

Thus growing citronella can be a good idea for indoors.

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Mint is also very useful for repellent purposes. 

Best things that I like about mint plants are…

  • Easy to grow
  • Significant smell
  • Multipurpose plant and you can use it in kitchen recipes.
  • Not die easily
  • Safe for kids and pets. 
  • Looks cool in your kitchen and also in the living room.

Thus, you can prioritise this plant in you list as well. 


Catnip is a very good mosquito repellent plant. 

According to scientific studies, it contains some chemicals like nepetalactone, which is a very good mosquito repellent. 

In fact this chemical is far better than other synthetic chemical repellents like DEET.

Plus this is natural and eco-friendly. Hence, you may consider this plant among the best mosquito repellent plants. 

And one last thing is, this plant is pet friendly, blogs especially cats. So you can plant it in your house without worrying about all these things.

Thus, these are the best indoor mosquito repellent plants that are easy to available, easy to grow, and care for. 

But besides this, I want to say one thing. 

If you really want to keep mosquitoes away from your House then avoid standing water around your house. 

Standing or still water is most favourable site for breeding mosquitoes.

Plus if you are using a water cooler, you should clean it once a week. 

One more last thing is, do not open your windows in the evening because the lights of your house can invite mosquitoes into your home. 

So, In the last, I would like to say Garlic, Peppermint, Lavender, Marigold, Lemon Balm, Citronella, Mint, and Catnip are the best indoor plants that repel mosquitoes and flies.

Thank you  and happy gardening!

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