22 Pet-Friendly Nontoxic House plants for your Sweet Home

22 Pet-Friendly Nontoxic House plants for your Sweet Home

Being a Nature Lover it is our most common dream to make a small green life inside our sweet Homes…

If  Planting is what excites you the most along with spending time with your cute little pets.. Then you might also know some toxic plants can be harmful to your dear pets…..

And so are confused about what plant you should welcome in your Home..


My dear Friend, the wait is over as.. You’ve arrived at the very right platform Here…

Not Sure about the Exact Nature of your Indoor Plants & disturbed thinking about the Safety of your Pets?

Drop your Worries and get ready to Know about the solution for these Problems…

As I’ll be telling you about the 22 Most Amazing Pet-Friendly Non-Toxic Plants that are absolutely safe for your Pets….

So, Let us have a Look on those Plants mentioned Below-  


Scientific Name –  Nephrolepis exaltata

              Family – Nephrolepidacea

Boston Fern is one of the best choices for your Indoor Planting as it can thrive in indirect Sunlight and also it is Non-Toxic for your pets, but still, the leaves of the same should not be consumed for safety purposes.


Scientific Name – Chamaedorea elegans

Family – Arecaceae

Another Plant that is most safe for your dear Pets is the Parlour Palm, this not only makes the indoors look attractive but also does no harm to your lovely Pets.


Scientific Name – Maranta leuconeura

Family – Marantaceae

Prayer Plant is also one of the best indoor Plants and additionally is non-toxic to pets so safe to keep in the house. Prayer plant adds to the beauty of the house with safety for pets.


Scientific Name – Saintpaulia

Family –  Gesneriaceae

African Violets are one of the fabulous House Plants, they do not need a lot of Sunlight to flourish as their leaves get scorched when kept in direct sunlight, they just need some bright and indirect Sunlight to survive and also they are completely safe for your Pets.   


Scientific Name – Peperomia obtusifolia

Family – Piperaceae

Baby Plants are one of those Unique Plants that have a feature slightly different from the common ones. They have a beautiful appearance with oversized and glossy leaves. It also stores some water in its thick leaves. Also, it does no harm to your Pets at all and hence is the best choice for your Indoor Planting.


Scientific Name – Dypsis lutescens

Family – Arecaceae  

Areca Palm is one of the finest plants that require very Less care and emits more oxygen plus adds on to the quality as it is considered absolutely safe for pets.


Scientific Name – Schlumbergera

Family – Cactus

Christmas Cactus is such a Beautiful and appealing plant that enhances the beauty of your home and its flowers bloom when given the right light and temperature moreover it is One of those Plants that are totally safe for pets.


Scientific Name – Beaucarnea recurvata

Family – Asparagaceae

Ponytail Palm is another Plant that is completely safe for pets and hence can be included in the list of your indoor plants as they do no harm to your Pets.


Scientific Name – Dionaea muscipula

Family – Droseraceae

Venus Flytrap is one of the most unique plants in terms of its appearance. It has many benefits out of which keeping/maintaining Humidity in the environment is most appreciable also it is very friendly for your Pets.


Scientific Name – Micranthemum micranthemoides

Family –  Urticaceae

Baby tears plant is one of the most attractive plants of all due to its small foliage which when kept Indoors enhances the beauty of the space to another level. Also, it is safe for pets but leaves of this Plant should be avoided to be consumed.


Scientific Name – Hoya carnosa

Family – Apocynaceae 

Wax Plant is a very Beautiful and great flowering Plant. With its Lush green Shiny Leaves, it makes the indoors appealing and also moreover it is very comfortable and safe for the Pets.


Scientific Name – Orchidaceae

Family – Orchidaceae; Juss.

Orchids make a very good house plant with their unique quality of delicate and exotic appearance. They too are a good choice for including them indoors as they are also safe for your dear pets.


Scientific Name – Plectranthus verticillatus

Family – Lamiaceae

Swedish Ivy is one of the most common and cool hanging indoor plants. and also this plant is nontoxic so absolutely safe to be kept in a house with pets.


Scientific Name –  Pilea involucrata

Family – Urticaceae

Friendship plant, the name itself sounds too friendly to be dealt with, and truly is one. It is named so because of the rapid rooting quality it has of forming into a new plant from the baby plant and also it is very friendly for your Pets.


Scientific Name – Haworthia

Family – Asphodeloideae

Haworthia is one of the easiest placing houseplants as they are very easy to be taken care of and adding on to this quality they are also safe for the pets, therefore, must include in your indoor planting.


Scientific Name – Aspidistra elatior

Family – Asparagaceae

Cast Iron Plants are also very great houseplants and they also purify the air but should be kept away from direct sunlight. They also are non-toxic and hence safe for your cute pets.


Scientific Name – Chlorophytum comosum

Family – Asparagus family

Spider Plant is named so because it has a unique spider-like appearance which makes it more exciting to include them indoors and moreover they are absolutely safe for our pets so must be included in our homes.


Scientific Name – Echeveria Glauca

Family – Crassulaceae

Blue Echeveria has a charismatic appearance with those blue-green leaves. It is one of the best and great choices for your indoors as it is also safe for pets. You can enjoy its beauty without any toxicity.


Scientific Name – Sedum morganianum

Family – Stonecrops

Burro’s Tail is also a very good Plant but it likes to remain in partial sunlight or bright light only as direct sunlight may lead to its scorched leaves, and this plant is totally safe for your pets too.


Scientific Name – Ocimum basilicum

Family – Mints

Basil is one of the easiest herbs to grow indoors and also the safest plant for pets so this is also a must include a plant in your indoors.


Scientific Name – Gerbera jamesonii

Family – Daisy Family

Barberton  Daisy is a very beautiful flowering Plant they are very good indoor plants as its bright flower gives immense peace to the mind. Also, they are non-toxic Plants so safe for pets.


Scientific Name – Osteospermum

Family – Asteraceae

African daisies are also very beautiful plants with beautiful flowers and also are non-toxic in nature, so absolutely safe for the pets therefore they also can be included in the list of your indoor planting or green friends.

Alright!! These were some of those Plants that you can include indoors without giving a second thought, without worrying for your Pet’s Safety, and without any worries…..

So, I hope you find this Information Useful and all your queries and Confusion regarding the selection of safe Plants might have been resolved.

Keep Your Pets Safe and Enjoy your Green space……

And for more such didactic Information..

Stay Tuned !!

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